Kläppen Arena – For the whole family

Welcome to Kläppen Arena this summer! This is an opportunity for the whole family to try jumping on skis or snowboard and land on a soft airbag. You can practice your balance on a slackline, go skateboarding in the mini ramps and jump on ur trampolines.

Kläppen Arena suits the whole family! 
Our proffessional instructors will help you develope in our arena, wether its on the trampolines, rails or the jumping area. The arena suits all ages, from beginners to professional. In the arena you will find:

  • Jump arena
    The jump area consists 2 jumps and one airbag. The first jump suits the beginner, where you can learn to get some speed, ride on the carpet/hill and make your first jump. The second jump suits the more advanced rider, here you can try out some new tricks.

  • Park arena
    The park arena is a collective name for all the other activities you can do:

    • Ride in our Railpark. In the railpark you can find 4 things to ride skis or snowboard on, in rough terms, these are called ”features”. They are devided in two lines, one easy and one difficult. On the easy one, you can learn to do your first ”slide” or ”50-50” wich is two other terms you use when you ride on the ”features”. 

    • Jump on our Trampolines.  The trampolines are adjusted to jump on with skis and snowboards, and the special jump equipment can be rented on site. It is of course possible to jump with only your socks on as well.

    • Ride in our Miniramp. Learn how to ”drop in” or try out new tricks in the miniramp. At the same time you can keep an eye on what´s going in in the jump area, since the miniramp is located next to the jumps. You can ride skateboard, kickbike and inlines on the miniramp.

    • Practice your balance on the Slackline. You can´t get to much balance, right? A slackline is easiest explained as a long thin line wich is attached to two points, where you can practise your balance in between.

Good to know before your visit at Kläppen Arena>>

Opeing Hours and prices >>

Opeing Hours and prices

The booking for Kläppen Arena opens up 15th of march.Read more about öpening hours and prices
Training groups >>

Training groups

Bring your group, organisation and friends on a conducted tours to Kläppen
Kläppen camps >>

Kläppen Camps

Three different camps for kids who wants to try Kläppen Arena and also try out some other activities.