New Year at Kläppen

Celebrate New Year at Kläppen

Celebrate the new year with relatives and friends at Kläppen in Sälenfjällen. Enjoy good food and a family atmosphere.


10.00 Meet Trolle & Trolla
Trolle and Trolla is out in the ski resort. Keep your eyes open so you may meet them.

11.30 & 14.00 Trolle & Trolla is at home in Trollgården
Meet Trolle and Trolla in the Trollgården. They will tell you some of their stories from their time at Kläppen. After the stories, the children get to meet and play with Trolle and Trolla on their farm. Location: Trolle & Trollas farm.

15.15 Trolle & Trollas AfterSki
Sing and dance along with the trolls at the stage in the children's area.

17.45-18.15 Children's New Year's Eve with Trolle & Trolla
Meet Trolle and Trolla in the children's area at 18.00.

23.50-24.00 Torch slalom and New Year's fireworks
Join and go torch slalom down Familjebacken. The activity is free and you register at the reception at Hotell Kurbits or by phone +46280-96200. We end the torch slalom with a magnificent New Year's fireworks at Tranantorget 

New Year's menus composed by professional chefs
We offer New Year's menus at three of our popular restaurants.