Is a soothing and mediating form of yoga that gives physical and mental relaxation. It´s a form of yoga that can be performed by everyone, despite previous experience. We focus on training and softening joints, ligaments and connective tissue, in order to maintain a vital, mobile and youthful body and avoid, for example, joint and back problems. We breathe consciously in the various positions and let the muscles relax with help of the body’s own weight, performed sitting and/or lying on the yoga mat, where every position is held for between three to five minutes. Yinyoga is a perfect complement to other physical activities such as running, strenght training and other more dynamic yoga styles.

Price: 180 SEK
Place: Värmestugan on Tranantorget
Registration: Book at klappen.se/en, or call + 46280-96200 or at the reception at Hotell Kurbits
Number of registered: At least 3 people must be booked

Price: 180 SEK/pers Location: Värmestuga på Tranantorget. Registration: Bokas på klappen.se, tel 0280-96 200 eller i receptionen på Hotell Kurbits. Additional information: För att en kurs ska bli av måste minimum 3 personer vara bokade.