Brasserie Karelius

Plates with classic dishes are served and the laughter from the next table is contagious, as is the scent of the freshly served char under a rich layer of shrimp. Culinary inspiration is taken from all over the world, even though the roots come from French cuisine and with a fondness for the region's ingredients.

En mysig krog med dalaklang och inspiration från det franska och svenska köket.

This is a classic brasserie, where the atmosphere is like a warm living room where you can come as you are. Here you can celebrate, be celebrated, or just enjoy. Joyful and relaxed, where you can even leave your ski clothes on, even though it is evening and dinner. In the far corner is the wine room, where two couples are deeply immersed in wine lists and taste good Italian wines recommended by the restaurateur Magnus himself, who is a trained sommelier. Behind a hidden wall a faint sound is heard, only the little ones have found their way to the hidden cinema.

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Brasseri Karelius

Brasseri with classical course's and good food from the swedish kitchen and some inspiration from all over the world.. 

You can book your table at or calling +46 280-962 42