Booking and payment information

Kläppens snögranti means that we guarantee that there are at least 14 slopes and 2 km of long-distance tracks open from the start of the season to the end of the season (16 December 2021 to 17 April 2022). If we cannot fulfill that, you as a guest have the right to get your cottage rental back. If you choose to visit us anyway - you get a 20% discount on SkiPass during your stay. 

Once you have purchased our insurance Om- och avbeställningsskydd, you are free to rebook until there are 60 days left to your arrival. You don´t have to inform us a reason or provide us a certificate. Thereafter, cancellation is possible until the day before your arrival with the insurance and a certificate. In that case we will keep the cancellation fee of 500 SEK + the paid insurance 395 SEK. You must be able to prove your obstacle with a certificate from doctors, authorities, employers or insurance companies.

We want you to feel safe booking your stay with us. Now we hope for a lot of #kläppensnö (#klappensnow) and a brighter future.

When you book in Kläppen's online booking, you allow us to save your personal information. We do this to be able to send the necessary information to you regarding your booking and to help you with your booking after the booking. Contact us if you want us to delete your personal information that we have saved.