Generous good food, tasty refreshments and pleasant atmosphere in a relaxing environment. Tranan has something for everyone.

Located at Tranantorget is the Tranan Restaurant, Bar and Café, Tranan serves home cooking, dish of the day, a large salad bar and à la carte options. Here you can also enjoy a tasty breakfast sandwich to set you up until lunch. You can also stop by for a hot chocolate between runs and in the afternoon the music gets under way. Some days we have music competitions and occasionally we have performances by live artists. Some evenings in the week you can enjoy our popular themed buffets, how about Grill and Barbeque with plenty of accompaniments and sauces?

Evening at Tranan
If there is one thing that is constantly in demand at Kläppen it is our popular Family Grill & Barbeque. And it is as it sounds. Various cuts are presented from the kitchen together with delicious sauces and accompaniments. And of course - suitable for the whole family. FG&B is served several evenings a week and to find out which evenings you can find out more at

Après Ski at Tranan.
Most days of the week we offer live music from the stage at Tranan. Various singers and live bands provide entertainment from the stage. By 15.00 we turn up the music for après ski and the artists come on stage at around 16.00. If you want somewhere to sit you need to turn up early. For hungry tummies, the kitchen has composed a classic arpès ski menu with e.g. burgers, fish´n chips and our delicious big prawn sandwich.

The pub at Tranan and the Friday Quiz
The pub is open on certain nights of the week. By far the most popular day is Friday when our artists conduct Tranan's popular FridayQuiz from the stage. On Kläppen today you can read more about which evening you can visit Tranan's pub.