Brasserie Karelius

A classic and extremely popular Brasserie at Kläppen. Usually full in the evening, so don't forget to book a table. Karelius serves deliciously tasty beautifully devised dishes in simple rustic surrroundings.
During the day, the Brasserie serves a delicious Husman lunch with emphasis on the classic. Often a little quieter and not quite as child-friendly as Tranan and Toppstugan.

Brasseri Karelius

Todays course and á la carte.
All days, 11.30–15.00

Brasseri with classical course's and good food from the swedish kitchen and some inspiration from all over the world.
All days, 17.00-22.00

You can book your table at or calling +46 280-962 42

You'll find Kläppens own skiing pizza at Brasserie Karelius, take away or eat there.
Tuesday-sunday 17.00–21.00

For Pizza Take away give us a call +46 280-962 41.

We reserve ourselfs for price changes.
See "Kläppen today" for updates.