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Brasserie Karelius >>

Brasserie Karelius

A classic and extremely popular Brasserie at Kläppen. Usually full in the evening, so don't forget to book a table. Karelius serves deliciously tasty...
Tranan Restaurant and Bar >>

Tranan Restaurant and Bar

Generous good food, tasty refreshments and pleasant atmosphere in a relaxing environment. Tranan has something for everyone. Located at Tranantorget is the...
Top cabin >>

Top cabin

A long-awaited extension to Toppstugan will be ready for the 18/19 season. More room for light refreshments, more seating in the dining room and, of course,...
Fred's Grill & Coffee shop >>

Fred's place

Fred´s coffee, open each day during the season. A slightly smaller fast food place, which, in addition to sweets, good coffee and hot chocolate, serves hot...
Persgården >>


Persgården, with the best waffles on the mountain, opened last year and quickly became a popular destination even for those without skis on their feet. An ea...
Restaurant map >>

Restaurant map

On the map below, you will see how all Kläppen's restaurants are spread out over the mountain.