Booking and payment information

What applies when I book a cabin or apartment?

General terms and conditions for renting cabins and apartments. Adopted by Föreningen Sverige Turism on 29 May 1990 following consultation with Konsumentverket If the owner/letting agent applies special terms, these have been printed in italics (sloping) style below.

The minimum age for booking a cabin/apartment is 20.

Who is responsible?
Kläppen Ski Resort AB, 780 67 SÄLEN, Sweden, tel. +46 (0) 280-96 200

As owner/letting agent, we are obliged to ensure that:
- you receive a confirmation of your booking as well as information about where the key can be collected.
- the cabin/apartment corresponds to the description. We are not responsible for any promises that the owner or the owner's contact person may have made directly to you without our knowledge and to which we were not aware or ought to have been aware. (Try to get this in writing for safety's sake).
- you are informed of any significant changes affecting your booking.

In the event that you are not satisfied with the accommodation, please contact Kläppen Ski Resort. Read more about this below.

When does my booking become binding?
Once you have paid your registration fee (or the full rental), you have accepted your booking and it is binding.

When should I pay?
The 2019-2020 season

The registration fee must be paid within 10 days of sending the confirmation to you. It is deducted from the rent. The remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 60 days prior to arrival.

- If you booked earlier than 60 days in advance, the registration fee is 500 SEK / week / cottage / apartment / campsite plus cancellation and cancellation protection.
- If you booked later than 59 days before your arrival, the entire rent must be paid within 2 days.

The 2020/2021 season
Your payment is handled through Nets. The payment options presented are decided by Dibs Easy and depend on credit rating and country.

Payment of invoice shall be made in accordance with Arvatos (Net's invoice partner) instructions. In case of late payment of invoice reminder will be sent from Arvato.

What if I don't pay on time?
The 2019/2020 season
If you do not pay the registration fee or final payment on time, a reminder will be sent via SMS. In case of non-payment then the entire booking is canceled. This also applies to ski school, ski pass, ski hire etc.

The 2020/2021 season
In case of late payment of invoice reminder will be sent from Arvato. In case of non-payment, debt collection measures may be taken. This also applies to ski school, ski pass, ski hire etc

What if I wish to cancel?
You can cancel verbally to us at Kläppen Ski Resort. When cancelling, you must provide your booking number. The cancellation will not be valid if made to anyone other than Kläppen reservations. We are required to confirm your cancellation. We are not responsible for cancellations when the cancellation is made via an external party.

- If you cancel earlier than 60 days prior to arrival, we will withhold the paid registration fee
plus any cancellation insurance.
- If you cancel when fewer than 60 days remain prior to arrival and do not have a valid certificate, we will withhold 100 % of the accommodation price.
- If you have paid the full amount for your accommodation and cancel when there are fewer than 60 days remaining (yet up until the day prior to arrival) you will receive a refund if you purchased cancellation insurance! A valid certificate is then required. Read more below.

Cancellation insurance
You can purchase our cancellation insurance, it costs max SEK 395 per cabin/apartment. The cancellation insurance can only be purchased before the registration fee is paid.

Rebooking: Once you have purchased our cancellation insurance, you are free to rebook up until 60 days prior to arrival. When rebooking for a more expensive period, you must pay the difference, when rebooking at a lower price, you will be refunded the difference. You are not required to give a reason or submit a certificate. Rebooking is not possible when there are 59 days or fewer remaining until arrival.

Cancellation: You may cancel up until the day prior to arrival if you have taken out cancellation insurance, and be refunded everything other than the paid registration fee + the cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance applies in the following cases, which may not have been known at the time of booking:

- death, illness or accident affecting you, your spouse, partner, family or fellow traveller.
- call up to the armed forces or civil defence.
- The occurrence of a serious event beyond your control, which you could not predict when booking, which means that it is not reasonable to request that you be bound by your booking, e.g. extensive fire or flooding in your home.
- termination of employment
- divorce

You must be able to support your reasons with certificates from e.g. doctor, authority, employer or insurance company. The certificate must be in our possession within 14 days of the cancellation date.

Additional booked items: may be cancelled up until the day prior to the first day of validity. This includes all additional booked items relating to the accommodation such as cleaning and bed linen as well as, during winter season, ski rental, ski school and ski pass.

What are my rights?
You are entitled to allow another to take your place and Kläppen must accept that person unless particular reasons otherwise exist.*** You must notify the change no later than 5 days prior to arrival at Kläppen. For changes to bookings, Kläppen charges a change fee of SEK 195.

If the cabin/apartment is not presented in the condition shown on the confirmation and we are unable to offer you another equivalent cabin/apartment, you are entitled to terminate the agreement. We must then pay back what you paid us, less the benefit you may have had of the cabin/apartment.

If you have a complaint on arrival at your cabin/apartment, this must be reported to Kläppen's reception/booking, as soon as possible, but no later than 11.00 the day after arrival. Any faults that occur during your stay should be reported immediately so that we have a chance to address them.

What are my obligations?
You must take care of the cabin/apartment and comply with rules and regulations that apply:

- Between 23:00 and 07.00 you should exercise the utmost respect and silence towards other guests. You are responsible for any damage caused to the property and its contents, through your carelessness or that of any other person given access to the accommodation. In the event of any violations, Kläppen Ski Resort has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. In cases where the agreement is terminated, you and your companions must move from the accommodation without a refund of the rental sum.

- You may not use the cabin/apartment for any other purpose than that agreed upon at the time of booking (usually leisure purposes)
- You must not allow more people to stay overnight in the cabin/apartment or in its grounds, than you stated on booking or check-in.
- Kläppen Ski Resort has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if you or someone else in your company behaves in a disturbing manner/or causes damage to the accommodation or its surroundings or if the accommodation is used for purposes other than those intended. In cases where the agreement is terminated, you and your companions must move from the accommodation without a refund of the rental sum. Violation of the above entails cost for replacement/compensation, from SEK 2,500.
- Violation of regulations relating to smoking and pets shall result in cost of thorough cleaning, from SEK 2,500.
- If the departure cleaning is not up to the required standard, you will be subsequently charged a minimum of SEK 2,500.
- You must return all keys to your cabin/apartment when checking out. If you forget or lose a key, the lock to the cabin/apartment you have hired will need to be changed. The charge for this is from SEK 2,500.

War, natural disasters, strikes etc.:
The parties have the right to withdraw from the lease if the cabin/apartment cannot be made available due to acts of war, natural disasters, industrial dispute, further disruption of water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events that neither you nor we could anticipate or influence. In such case, we are obliged to pay back as soon as possible what you paid, less any benefit you may have had from the cabin/apartment.

What happens if we don't agree?
Please contact us directly with any complaints. Please report in due time, any faults that may occur during your stay so that Kläppen Ski Resort has a chance to
attend to them. If we do not agree, you can turn to the National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN).

- The cabins/apartments that are hired out by the agent are not owned by the agent but are hired out only on behalf of the owner. Standard and equipment may vary.
- The cabins/apartments are equipped for self-catering. However, toilet paper, bed linen and towels must be brought by the guests themselves.
- Changeover days are Saturday and Sunday. Check arrival and departure date on the front of the confirmation.

The cabins/apartments are arranged in accordance with directions. Maps and drawings provide only an approximate picture of location and space. As agent for the accommodation, Kläppen Ski Resort cannot be held responsible for the functioning of TV/radio/WIFI */coffee maker etc.
 *WIFI is provided free of charge at your accommodation by the cabin owner. In the event of problems with WIFI, we refer you to Kläppen's free hotspots:


Payment information
Pay your booking via my page with your VISA or Mastercard. Log in to your booking at, enter your email and password, and then follow the instructions.

Payments from Sweden:
Bank giro: 5798-2258, enter the invoice OCR-number.

From other countries:
SEB Sweden: SE62 5000 0000 0540 6100 4107 Swift/BIC: ESSESESS

Additional Terms Group - Kläppen Ski Resort

1. Definitions

Client is the person,legal or physical, who is liable for the arrangement. Company refers to the facility that delivers the arrangement = KSR (Kläppen Ski Resort AB).

2. Reservation

The reservation must be made in writing by email, and the quote must be approved in order to be implemented by the customer or KSR. In the confirmation, the price must be clearly stated along with a specification of what has been ordered. If necessary, KSR has the right to request information about the group before the offer is approved.

No later than 2 weeks prior to arrival, the client must provide final information about the number of participants. For groups requiring assistance with e.g. accommodation, scheduling, as well as food orders, a list of attendees and information regarding table layout, conference set up and table seating etc., must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival.

3. Special requests

If the customer has special requests regarding a.g. pets or adapting the accommodation for guests with disabilities, these must be stated at the time of booking.

4. Payment

The customer is responsible for all costs incurred. For split payments within the group, the customer is responsible for the distribution of costs. If a participant should choose not to have the ordered meal/s, this will not involve a reduction in price. Payment must be made according to agreement. If an agreement has been reached regarding payment against invoice, the client must pay in full, 30 days from the date of invoice. If the payment period is exceeded, Kläppen Ski Resort AB has the right to charge 10% interest on overdue payment.

5. Prepayment

Kläppen Ski Resort AB may request prepayment for accommodation. If no advance payment is made within the agreed period, the order is not binding on KSR. Prepayment corresponds to SEK 500 + any cancellation insurance and shall be paid via invoice no later than 10 days after receipt of confirmation. Remaining payment for accommodation must be paid to KSR no later than 60 days prior to arrival. When ordering accommodation within 60 days prior to arrival, the full amount must be paid within 10 days of receipt of the invoice.