Feel safe to book Kläppen

Feel safe to book your next winter holiday at Kläppen in Sälen!

Until the 31th of August 2020, we will give you free cancellation insurance and refund insurence with a value of 395 SEK.

Our way of traveling has been a little different since the  Covid-19 outbreak. We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and we would like to help you out - so you can adjust your travel plans. If the Public Health Agency or other agencys advise against "unnecessary traveling", you as a guest have the right to re-book (to the next season) or cancel your stay at Kläppen. You can cancel or rebook up to the days before arrival.

If you rebook to a another date that is more expensive - you'll pay the difference, if you rebook to a antoher date that is cheaper, the difference is refunded to you. You can re-book for both the summer season 2021 and the winter season 2021/2022. Read more on booking information >>

In addition to these generous rebooking rules, we also have something we call "Snow Guarantee". This means that we will have at least 14 ski slopes and 2 kilometers of cross-country trails open from the seasonal start on December 11, 2020 to the end of the season on April 11, 2021. If we are unable to fulfill these snow guarantees, you as a guest have the right to get your money back on your house/appartment booking - if the booking took place in Kläppens own booking. If you still want to come - you get a 20% discount on Skipass regardless of length.

We want you to feel safe while booking your stay at Kläppen. Now we hope for a lot of #Kläppingsnow and a brighter future.
/Gustav Eriksson med familj och personal

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