Fred's place at Tranantorget

Ligger ute på trädäcket och här grillas den supergoda Fred´s burger.

Fred´s coffee, open each day during the season. A slightly smaller fast food place, which, in addition to sweets, good coffee and hot chocolate, serves hot toast and sandwiches with delicious fillings.

Fred´s Grill is out on the terrace. Regardless of temperature, you can buy Fred's super juicy burger. Here you sit on rustic wooden benches in snow or in sun on warm reindeer hides. If you get cold you can take your burger in to Tranan. Fred´s serves juicy burgers, sausages, chips and hot and cold drinks.

Fred´s Grill - Opens from 18/12 11.00
Fred´s Coffee - Opens from 18/12 10.00-17.00


Fred´s Coffee
Tasty sandwiches, toast and delicious pastries. Take away or eat in. Hot and cold drinks, sweets and chocolate.

Fred´s Grill
Delicious hamburgers and hot dogs are served from the grill. Quick and easy.

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